Saturday, August 1, 2009

We're back, and better than ever

Yo, sorry about the lack of into, and posting...

It Earthbark here, Firenzy is freaaaking out, theres a war that we might be in, I swear if Firenzy spars with my tail one more time...!

Firebrooke is dead, Guess who's the new leader? Wait, dont, Nightspere. Haha... fun guy, good bud of mine... *clears throat* Anyways, we've been training off the hook, i can grow trees, Soulsweeper (white, almost transparent wolf with soulpowers) has learned to turn into a soul, and take other souls... Dont wanna get on her nerves anytime soon.

Yeah and one more - FIRENZY!!!!!!!!


Sorry, i have to go plant firenzy in the ground >=[

See ya dawgs!~!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ok, we have decided...Armytree, Northflake, Tigerclaw, and Bonechill. They'll be going through hard-core training suggested by their father Ghosthowl. Firebrook is getting rather impatient, but we dont know why, she's demanding for odd foods, papaya, little dogs, little dogs called papaya (do those even exist!?), broccoli, and she's been urinating more than usual, but we have no idea what is going on with her, if you have any idea what's happening to her, please say so, but right now she is yelling at my brother, her son Nightspere to go bring her to a place called Hawaii... then she said she wanted a Tropical Papaya smoothie... what is wrong with her?!

I am getting real freaked out...

I dont even know if I did my right name... things are getting a bit to hectic

Monday, December 15, 2008

Name... suggestions

Ok, I think we have the name suggestions for the pups-black and stripy, Bonechill or Icebone. Camo one, Armytree, pure whitie, Northflake or Icemirage. Flaming tiger, Tigerclaw, Tangerine-Hahaha,ha...ha... ok...

Anyways, if you have anymore ideas please comment, if you like the names up here please say so!

around, around, around, whirl, whirl, pool, whirlpool. (I'm dizzy now.)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Additions

Hey, Silverwynd here, congrats Mirageseeker and Ghosthowl on the new pups ! ^.^ Like the rest of us we see that the wolf gods have given them a power like the rest of us. We have a girl, her ur is like camoflage, we think that she has the power of speed/agility and hunts. We havent named her yet, we havent named any of them yet. Then we have a boy, striped with purple and blue, main color is black, he's a chill to the bone-literally. We have another boy, he looks like a flaming tiger. Then we have another girl, snow white fur with little touches of blue at the tips of her tail, paws, and ears. Yet again, none of them are named yet. If you have any idea on what the names could be please do tell down on the comment bar ^.^.

I can give you some personalities, the camo one is happy, joyful, jumpy, and adventurous. Black and stripey, secretive, quiet, not very socialal, and protective-still would be a good father when he has a chance to be one. "Flaming Tiger" is warmhearted just like his fur, open, shy, thoughtful, helpful, cant turn a blind eye to one in need, a very good hunter. Then there's the pure white girl, she's secretive, concealing, doesnt show much interest in anything, uncaring, cant get annoying easily, that kind of girl. Well, I hope that you have some ideas for us : ).

~Can you paint the wind~


Monday, December 1, 2008

The Den

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Night Meeting

Nothing went right that night, nothing at all,

(Firenzy) I ran through the forest the pup we found in the forest hanging in my jaws by the scruff, Blackthunder was in front of me, Silverwynd behind me. we ran in a straight line like geese. Jumping a few logs we immadiatly arrived at an island that was in the middle of a lake, we ran across a log to the island and met our fellow clan friends, quickly I went to the head of all clans-Firebrook, and set the pup at her feet. "My leader, we found this pup, we think it is one of the clanmates pup. Is he or she?" I asked her as I bowed low in respect. She examined the pup thoroughly, "Yes, this is my pup. Shame on him for running off." Firebrook looked at me, "Off with you." she barked at me. This is why I liked the smaller groups instead of one large clan. I bounded away to talk with my fall wolf, Fallenleaves.

(Silverwynd) I sat down and looked up at Firebrook, who was atop a large rock, the lower ranked clan leaders sat at the foot of the rock, sitting tall and proud. "I come to report, that there have been humans in the area." there were murmurs of horror rising as the wolves chattered to one another quietly. "silence." Firebrook roared sharply. Everything was quiet. "We must become one large pack, it will be safer, we will all be more secure." She told us. Blackrose, one of the leaders shot her head up and looked at Firebrook startled, of course, Blackthunder did nothing but nod and close his eyes. I remembered Firenzy, she hated Firebrook, but oh well. She'd learn to deal.
"We shall stay on the Island," Firebrook announced. I saw Firenzy quietly bound away into the woods, leaving burnt patches of grass behind her.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

i'm sorry for the lack of information

I'm sorry, I need to give you more of an update on the clan, the first two posts were more of an introduction.
I, Blackthunder, am a boy, I wield the element of thunder, I am the leader of Nkari. I am Firenzy, I am a girl, second in command in Nkari, I hold the power of Fire and if I eat rocks I can hold the power of lava for a short amount of time,
I am Roaringwater, I am a boy, I hold the power of water in my paws and soul, I am third in command of Nkari, I am Silverwynd, I hold the power of wind in my spirit, I am a girl, fourth in command in Nkari, my name is Earthbark, I hold the power of earth in my entire being. We are the beings that make up Nkari, and we forever, shall prevail in our own destination.
Grow we shall, deplete we not, and forevermore, shall Nkari live, and run freely.

Blackthunder, Firenzy, Roaringwater, Silverwynd, Earthbark